Maybelline NYFW OOTDs

Of course a part of Maybelline’s New York Fashion Week competition was to post something about fashion! Specifically, they had asked their participants to show them what 3 outfits they would bring if they got to win the trip to New York Fashion Week. Doing this post really brought me back to my fashion blogging days, and I had totally forgotten how much it can be both fun and stressful to document OOTDs HAHA! Anyway, I'm now here to share a little more details about each outfit.

P.S. A HUGE thank you to my ate Trina for helping me film this! I think we found your calling sissy!
Below is the video compilation I made of the 3 outfits. I kept it short so I could share it on Instagram!

Outfit 1:

For me, there's nothing more comfortable and yet still chic than an all denim ensemble. It's tricky to pull it off because you need to make sure that the washes of the denim pieces go well together, but when you do find that perfect pairing, it looks amazeballs!

Here I'm wearing a plain denim button down polo with my all-time favorite denim culottes! The culotte trend is something that I really love because they're such an easy article of clothing to dress up or dress down. Not to mention, they are sooo comfortable.

To cut all the denim, I just made use of a simple brown belt and used a pair of heels to add a pop of color. And also, I wore one of my favorite pairs of Sunnies because no look is complete without a fabulous pair of sunglasses!

Outfit 2:

For a look that's a little more dressed up, I opted for this ensemble featuring a bustier, white high-waisted pants, and a black vest as the focal point of the outfit. This look is really easy to dress up or dress down as well, but I went with a classic pair of black pointed heels to keep it in the more dressy side.

As for hair, there are just some looks that pair perfectly with a messy bun, and this was one of those looks. The bun kept everything looking sleek and sharp. It also drew more attention to my favorite pair of Sunnies which I feel like brought the whole look together.

Outfit 3:
There are also days wherein you'll want to prioritize your comfort without having to sacrifice your style. That's why I chose this jumpsuit as my final outfit and paired it with my ever-reliable pair of Chucks! I just find it awesome whenever a girl can pull off an androgynous look while still looking fabulous!

To keep the look still a little feminine, of course I just had to rock a powerful lip with the ensemble! Sometimes a great lip color is all you need. Agree?

So that's all for my New York Fashion Week looks! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope you guys continue to show my Maybelline entries some love as well  

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