Valentine's Day Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is definitely my favorite time of the year because it happens to be my birthday as well! So here’s a new video for all of you featuring a sweet and romantic look perfect if you’re celebrating with a special someone or even if you’re like me who’s just flying solo this year (HUHUHU).

You can watch the video here or click below!

Like I said in the video, the makeup is really simple to do. You can also choose to style your hair in any way you want, but I went for a bouncy blowdry with mine here.
Here's a close up of the look

Hope you all have a good Valentine's Day ♥ 

   Ariana by Jonas Tamayo

My friend Ariana recently asked me to do her makeup for her campaign’s promotional stuff and I really loved how the shots turned out! For this shoot, I just wanted Ariana to look like a more polished version of herself so I kept it clean and simple with the makeup. These photos were taken by talented friend Jonas Tamayo (check out his Instagram @joshtamy). Thank you Jonas for the photos!

Ariana requested that I make her look “friendly” lol so I avoided strong lip colors and just mixed up an Orchid shade of lipstick with a wine one.
 Even if the peg was clean and simple, I just had to put emphasis on her amazing cheekbones since I'm a sucker for nice bone structure. Just look at those cheeks!
To achieve defined eyes without having to go overboard with the eyeshadow, just opt for a good pair of falsies and tightline your upper lash line. And adding a little highlighter on the high points of the face for a glowing finish is never a bad idea.

 Thank you for the trust Ariana! And for anyone else out there who wants to see what it's like to be a #legenczaribeauty, please don't hesitate to email me :)

28 Days of Beauty

I’m so so sooo excited to be’s beauty blogger for the whole month of February! It’s perfect since it happens to be my birth month as well. Talk about a great birthday present haha! So I hope all of you stay tuned for my new posts that will be up daily on their website. The segment is called 28 Days of Beauty wherein I’ll be posting everything beauty related from looks, tips, and products.

You can check it out here! :)