Maybelline NYFW Final Entry

As a 4th post for the Maybelline New York Fashion Week competition, they had asked their participants to create a video sharing the following: what Maybelline means to us, some advice on achieving your dreams, and lastly, why we think we should win the NYFW competition! These are all things that I found kind of difficult to explain, especially since you all know how I’ve been starting to have a lot of side comments in my videos lately (lol), but hopefully you guys still enjoy this super short video and hopefully, I got to got to share what Maybelline had asked me to in the best way that I can.
And again, I just wanna give a huge thank you and virtual hug to all of those who have supported me throughout the whole October! Like I said in the video, it was really unexpected, and I was soooo touched.

Stay tuned for a new video real soon! :)

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