Maybelline NYFW Interview with Georgina Wilson!

As you can see, I came to my final Maybelline NYFW challenge extremely nervous and excited at the same time. The top 15 finalists had been tasked to interview Georgina Wilson and have a whole chit chat about makeup, travel, and of course, Maybelline!

I had a whole set of questions prepared on my phone, but the conversation with Georgina really just came so naturally. As surprising as this may seem, it’s not very often that I get to talk to people who speak fluent “makeup” as I do. As soon as Georgina and I got worked up talking about makeup, all my nerves magically disappeared and I just felt like I was talking to a friend and fellow makeup addict.

That morning, it took me a good 30 minutes before I could decide what makeup look to wear so the first thing I asked Georgina as soon as we were seated was how she chose what makeup look to wear for that day. She said that more often than not, she just allows the makeup artist for the day to decide but of course her lips are her favorite part of her face to play around with, and we both ended up admitting to not even knowing how many lipsticks we own. Can any girl even really keep count? Haha!

Speaking of lip products, Georgina absolutely swears by Maybelline’s Lip Gradation. Of course I took note of the product so I could get my hands on it! I was dying to find out if she had any lip tips she could share from years of being in the industry, and she was kind enough to share that she uses a lot of lip liners and other products in order to achieve her perfect pout.

I also asked Georgina how it feels like to be the newest endorser for Maybelline. We were surrounded with pictures of Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and other drop dead gorgeous Maybelline girls that afternoon, and upon meeting Georgina up close and personal, I couldn’t help but feel like she fit right in. But beyond that, I loved how much Georgina really embodied the brand, and how she and Maybelline shares the same makeup philosophy as I do.

The makeup quote I live by is: “Give a woman the right makeup, and she can conquer the world.” So I mentioned it to Georgina and asked her if she agreed, and then it was all girl power from there! Like I always say, makeup should be celebrated, and Georgina feels exactly the same way.

She also told me how she believes women should always empower one another and stop the hate. This made me ask about her thoughts on some of the people I really dislike -- makeup shamers. She was surprised to find out that there were actually people like that around, and I went on about how some people have such close-minded ideas about women who love makeup like that women who love makeup are automatically insecure or shallow. You all know how strongly I feel about these people!

Georgina then told me something that will stick to me for a long time. She told me that she’s learned that whenever people try to hate and bring others down, it’s not because something is wrong with you, but with them and that I shouldn’t let what makeup shamers think affect me or stop me from pursuing my dreams. Georgina was totally the image of girl power!

In the end, of course I just HAD to take a Snap with Georgina to commemorate such an amazing experience for me. A big thank you to Georgina for being so kind and generous with her answers, as well as everyone at Maybelline for letting me get this far and for allowing me to #MAKEITHAPPEN!

Valentine's Day Tutorial

It’s finally my favorite time of the year! I always put a lot of thought into what look I’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day. The makeup can never be too much so that you don't scare guys off LOL, but of course I still tried my best to make it very pretty and romantic every year. I also love how it’s the most appropriate time of the year to bring out all the pinks, purples, and mauve shades.

So below is the tutorial I came up with for this Valentine's Day! Hopefully it will make you feel absolutely gorgeous whether you've got a big date or you're flying solo this year. I rarely get to use the shades I used for my eyes since I usually stick to neutral shades, but it was so much fun experimenting and coming up with such a girly look.

Hope you all enjoy this tutorial! For those of you who wanna do something similar, I'm sure you guys will nail this look since it's a lot simpler than some of the other looks I've done.
If you guys have any questions, you may reach me through!

Linkage Meu from Cedar Salon

Last December, Cedar Salon was kind enough to retouch my roots as well as let me try an amazing deep-conditioning hair treatment called Linkage Meu which is what this blog post will be all about. This special three-step treatment was created by Japanese brand Milbon and smoothens and softens hair. Aside from being a three-step treatment, what was different about this treatment is that it is also reinforced by home care vials that allow you to sustain the treatment’s effects on your hair. This treatment was perfect for my long hair especially since I have a hard time managing my hair sometimes. But as you probably already know by now, I HATE HAIRCUTS! HAHAHA.

So this was my hair before the treatment. As you can see it was pretty dry, frizzy, and bordering mermaid length.

And here are the Linkage Meu products! There's amino oil to smoothen the hair's surface, a veil that seals in moisture, and lastly a smoothening collagen top coat. Each step has a distinct scent note, making the treatment even more relaxing.

Here I am enjoying my treatment. Cedar salon has great zen-inspired interiors, and they even gave me my own robe to wear as I had my treatment done. The treatment surprisingly doesn't take much longer than usual salon treatments or hot oils. They were done with all three steps in about an hour. Every member of the staff was also really nice and accommodating, even if I could feel how tired their arms were getting from my super long and thick hair hehe.

And for the moment of truth: here is what my hair looked like once the treatment was rinsed off and my hair was blow dried. It was insanely smooth and my hair smelled amazing! They also did a great job with my roots.
 I would definitely say there's a difference in comparison to the usual salon treatments I get. The way my hair moved around was just much nicer in general. The treatment also brought out the color in my hair more.
I would really recommend this treatment especially if you wanna bring life back into your dry and frizzy hair! My hair definitely stayed more smooth and manageable for the next week or so, even after I washed it already. If you wanna give Linkage Meu a shot, you can head on over to Cedar Salon at 200 A Wilson St., San Juan! You may also follow Cedar Salon on FB ( or @CedarSalon on IG and Twitter!

Full Face + Cream Contour

I’ve received some requests on how to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Palette, so here is a tutorial I’ve prepared for you guys! I've decided to also take it a step further by sharing my overall base routine (foundation, concealer, cream contour) for extra special occasions wherein I want my makeup to look absolutely flawless.

Note that a really good cream contour requires a lot of patience in order for it to not look muddy or unnatural. Good things take time ladies! Hopefully this tutorial will guide you guys so you can achieve a contour that's Kardashian-worthy. You can watch it here:

Sorry if it's a little lengthy, I just wanted to explain every single detail properly for you guys! If you still have any questions though, you could always reach me at my!