500 Peso Makeup Challenge

The 500 Peso Makeup Challenge was probably the hardest tutorial I’ve ever had to film. Don't get me wrong, the makeup section of a Department Store is definitely not foreign territory to me. I love shopping from Department Store brands, but over the past few years, I have gotten used to just saving up for more high-end makeup products, especially when I know the payoff of the product is worth the extra bucks. This made it quite difficult to create a full look with the 500 peso budget. Thank God my best friend Alex was there to help me out (and keep me sane).

When it comes to eyeshadows in particular, I'm super picky about how pigmented and blendable they are, which is why I usually stick to brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills. To me, they carry some of the most blendable shadows. This is why you'll see me struggling the most with the eye shadow part of this tutorial, because the palette I chose unfortunately did not agree with me huhuhu.

When it came to the concealer I chose, I wish I had tested it on my actual under eye area instead of my hand. The concealer blended beautifully on my hand, but gave me such a hard time on my face. The struggle was real.

But overall, I feel I was able to make the most of the set of makeup I purchased despite the fact that I needed to blend the makeup a lot more than I'm used to. The main things I've learned from this tutorial:
1. Falsies ALWAYS save the day
2. Taking care of your skin can really save you a lot of money on base makeup
3. Pinkies Lipliners are AMAZING!

Hope you guys enjoy the video! Try not to laugh too much. :)