MaybellineNYWF Tutorial

Hello again beauties! It’s time to share with all of you my second entry for the Maybelline New York Fashion 
Week contest! I’ve been working really hard for it and I hope you guys could show me some love and support as I post my entries! It would be very much appreciated

For my second post, I’ve filmed a tutorial showcasing this look on the gorgeous Georgina Wilson:
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The look made use of neutral shades which is why I'm sure it would look great on everyone! I tried my best to keep it simple for you guys since it is just a very fresh and effortless look that I hope everyone can execute!

The eyes and lips were my favorite parts of the look! The use of brown shades and thick lashes went perfectly with the matte lippy.
  I also did my best to get Georgina's messy waves so you guys could see how I was able to put the look all together.

Let me know what you guys think on my! I'd love to hear your comments :)

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