Bigger Looking Eyes

If there’s one thing over 90% of my clients always ask me, it’s to make their eyes look bigger. There’s just something about big striking eyes that everyone loves. So here’s a quick 5 step guide I made for you guys so that you can all make your eyes appear bigger as well! I’ve adapted several tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years for something simple yet foolproof!

1. Apply highlighter on the inner corners

One of the most well known tips for achieving bigger and wider looking eyes is applying a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. It's so simple but works so well! Here I used a soft champagne shade with just the right amount of shimmer. I didn't want it to be too shiny or sparkly because i just wanted it to appear quite subtle for this look.

2. Liquid Liner (for top and bottom)
 The next step would be to master the art of liquid liner. Dun dun duuuun. I used to dread using liquid liner before because my eye makeup would always end up being so messy. But with enough practice, I've come to really appreciate liquid liner and the many wonders it can do for the shape of your eyes. Most girls think that when it comes to eyeliner, as long as you get it on in a straight liner, then your job is done. While that works for some girls, learning how to vary the thickness of your liner can create a world of a difference for others. 

So since we're trying to get bigger looking eyes, then you'll find that I made my eyeliner really thin in the inner corners and  thicker towards the center part of my eye. This will give it a bigger and rounder appearance. Then I made the liner get thinner again as i approached the end of my eye and finished off with a tiny wing which will also make a huge difference in making the eyes look bigger. Be careful though, because if you make the wing long, it could elongate your eyes and make them look very feline (think Angelina Jolie), and that's not the look we're going for here.
This next trick using liquid liner is one I kind of adapted from Japanese Gyaru style makeup. What they do it use a very thin liquid liner pen and make thin strokes on the outer part of their lower lash line to mimic the appearance of eyelashes. Normally they go lower than their natural lash line, but for this look I decided to just stick to my natural lash line. Japanese women only go about 2/3 of the way along their lower lash line.
Whenever you add makeup to your lower lash line whether it's drawing more lashes or simply applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, a rule of thumb is that closing the entire lower lash line will make your eyes look smaller while only going 2/3 in and leaving the inner corners bare will really open them up.

3. Eyelash Curler and Mascara...lots of it
I'd like to think of myself as a pro when it comes to using my eyelash curler. It's really one of the tools I can't live without. Even without mascara, it can instantly make you look more awake and fresh. But for now since I have liquid liner on, I feel like a few good coats of mascara is a must! Try to add more towards the outer corners of your eyes to go perfectly with the wing. And also add a few coats on your lower lashes. Don't skip this step cause it makes a huge difference!

4. Nude or white liner on the lower waterline
Another popular trick that I decided to do for this look is to add a white or nude liner on the lower waterline. We see this a lot in Lana Del Rey's makeup looks and I think it's really effective for bigger looking eyes. Careful not to go overboard with this because it could look too obvious at times.

5. Falsies on the outer edge
This step is totally optional but adding falsies even just to the outer edge of your eye will really make your eyes look even better. You can use a full strip of lashes if you prefer, but I think using the kind that just flares out on the outer edge keeps the eye looking kinda flirty and not too round/ Bambi like. Lol.
The falsies really complete the look and make your eyes pop even more.
Here's another shot of the finished look

And that's it for my 5 step guide for big beautiful eyes! Hope you all enjoyed this post. Feel free to email me or head on over to my for any questions :)

FOTD: Jennifer Lopez

I’ve decided to make a Face of the Day post for the makeup look I wore for the Happy Skin event I attended last Thursday. There will be a post on that soon, I promise! Anyway, ever since I saw Jennifer Lopez's makeup for the Oscars last February, I knew I had to try it some time! I couldn't think of a better event to use it on than on Happy Skin's launch of their new Beauty in Bloom collection. Here are some photos of Jlo which I used for reference.

And here's the twitpic I posted when I was on the way to the event.

The product I used to achieve Jlo's goddess-like skin is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette. I am obsessed with this product! All three powders are finishing powders and they're job is to mimic perfect flattering lighting on your face so you literally look like your skin has been photoshopped in real life. I used Radiant Light (the one on the rightmost) to get the same golden warmth that Jlo had. 

For lashes, which is a major element for this look, I used a long pair which has strands that criss-cross for it to look even thicker. I get my packs of falsies from Pure Beauty in Serendra. They're around P680 for a box of 10. That's a pretty good deal since these falsies are really durable and they don't look too fake. For the eyeshadow, stick to amber and bronze tones. 

As for the lips, I used NYX Lip Liner Pencil in the shade Rose with a hint of clear gloss to make it less matte. The lips are what really made Jlo's look very sweet and romantic. Perfect for the dress she wore.
For hair, set your hair in loose waves and tie it up in a ponytail! This part is totally optional. Even I wore my hair down at first then decided to just tie it cause it got too hot. But feel free to do whatever you want with your hair since this makeup look could go with almost anything.

So there's my quick take on Jlo's Oscar's look! Let me know what you guys think. :)

Legenczari on

Some of you guys ask me beauty related questions on either Facebook or Twitter, and I love answering all of them that's why I decided to open an account since I think it would be a better platform you guys to be able to reach me, especially for those who would prefer to ask me anonymously since they might be too shy. Feel free to ask me what lippy shade I was using in one of my selfies, or what wine I like to drink while filming tutorials, but please don’t ask me about my lovelife because I’m telling you guys right now that it’s non-existent HAHA. That’s all! Ask away here! :)

Long Locks With TRESemmè

Mermaid long hair is one trend I definitely love this season! The last time I had my hair cut short was back in 1st year highschool, but I decided to grow it out after a year. Ever since, I’ve loved keeping my hair long. But as any girl with long hair will tell you, long hair is so much harder to maintain.  

One of my biggest issues with my long hair used to be the amount of split ends I would get. As we all know, the only solution for this problem would be to get a haircut, but all my friends and family know that I hate getting haircuts which is why I'm so happy that TRESemmè has come up with their new Split Repair Range for girls like me everywhere! For this range, TRESemmè teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos with the beautiful Georgina Wilson as their newest ambassador.

I've been a TRESemmè lover for many years now, I even remember having my mom buy me bottles of their products whenever she would go abroad. This was when TRESemmè wasn't available in the Philippines yet. Here's me sporting my long locks with the help of the TRESemmè Split Repair Range!

The range features a Split Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and as well as a Split Repair Serum. Being a brand that is trusted by professionals, TRESemmè made sure that these products have been tried and tested by the industry's top hairstylists.

I received these products a few weeks ago but only decided to write my review now since I feel like enough time has passed for me to see if they really did have any effects on the condition of my hair. My hair used to be bleached at the ends when it was Ombre-ed and I just covered it up when I dyed my hair brown. Even if that was a long time ago, I would still notice that some of the damage and split ends from the bleaching can be seen through the dye.

As expected, the TRESemmè products did not disappoint! Not only did I notice that my problem with my split ends decreased, but the overall feel of my hair became a lot softer as well. It became easier to style and braid, and I love how it prevents further damage as well.

My favorite among the 3 products is the serum. I love to just apply 2 pumps of it on my hair before I sleep so that my hair will be soft and ready for styling when I get ready the next day. I've been substituting it for my usual Moroccan Argan Oil. I also love the scent of the Split Repair Range. It's very fresh and quite fruity, perfect for the summer!

Your hair can really make or break your entire look which is why it's so important for you to care for it properly. Although I love going to parlors with my mom to get treatments and hot-oils to keep my hair healthy, I believe that these products can help you achieve that as well. Your wallet might thank you for it in the long run as well haha!

I've been really happy with the look and feel of my hair ever since I started using these products and would really recommend them to my fellow long-haired gals out there! Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

Choose Beautiful

Just like every girl, I myself have my own share of insecurities. To be perfectly honest, I do think a big part of it has a lot to do with my love for makeup. I remember how not too long ago, I would feel naked without it and even worse, I would feel ugly and that my bare face wasn't enough. But I've come a long way from that which is why when I started this blog, I knew that I would always want to encourage my readers to make their own beauty shine through, and not the makeup they have on.

What changed my mindset? The main reason would be because I've been fortunate enough to have such amazing friends that always tell me that I don't need any makeup to be beautiful. Sometimes they don't even realize that they're helping me realize it. It was as simple as the times my best friend told me I looked great on a day wherein I forgot to wear mascara because I was running late for school or when my other best friend told me that I'm prettiest when I'm not trying. Friends like these are for keeps and they make me feel more beautiful than any amount makeup ever could.

Basically what inspired me for this mini rant of an entry was this Dove video I watched because it was the ad while I was loading a One Direction video on Youtube. Hehe. I'm sure some of you have seen it, but if you haven't, then I think it's really worth watching! I couldn't help but have a huge grin on my face after seeing it.

So yeah, that's all for this post! Just felt like sharing for all my readers out there who have ever felt insecure or average looking like the girls in the video. I hope you guys never make the mistake of hiding behind makeup like I used to. I hope all of you will #ChooseBeautiful always, even without any makeup on. :)


Kylie Jenner Lips

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Kardashian sisters’ makeup, but recently I’m sure you’ve all seen how Kylie Jenner has been stealing the spotlight with her amazing 90’s inspired makeup -- specifically with her super strong lipliner game.

So for today’s quick tutorial, I’ve decided to show you all how to achieve my own take on her famous full lips. I still wanted the look to be wearable since I find her lips a bit too much at times. It's surprisingly really simple to do and no one will even be able to tell you have a ton of lipliner on if you follow these steps.

First things first, here's a picture of Kylie Jenner's makeup for reference:

And here's a pic of me with the finished lip look:

So let's get started! I prepped my lips for this look by applying a lot of Carmex on my lips then lightly scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush. This ensures that there wont be any dry skin on your lips so that all the lip products you'll be applying will go on smoothly. Once you're done, wipe everything off your lips with tissue or a towel.
Next, you'll be needing lipliner. I know Kylie Jenner uses Whirl lipliner by MAC, but since I wasn't sure if this look would work on me, I just bought an inexpensive alternative from Etude House to try out it out first. The lipliner I got isn't close to Whirl, but closer to the picture I used as a peg instead. I ended up really loving it the first time I tried it. It's called Soft Touch Auto Lipliner and it's such a steal at only P98! Here I'm using shade #2.

With the lipliner, you want to overline over your natural lip line. But what's REALLY important to remember for when overlining your lips is to focus mostly on the center part of your lip and follow your real lip line as you go towards the outer corners. This is where most girls make a mistake and why some of them end up looking like a duck and IT'S AWFUL HAHAHA. If you end up looking a duck, please don't say I didn't warn you! Bottom line, DON'T OVERLINE YOUR WHOLE LIP. 
So below is what your overlined lips should look like more or less. As you can see, I focused the overlining in the center of my lips but I still followed the real shape of my cupid's bow. You may also overline your lower lip but again, don't go overboard! Blend in the lipliner to the rest of your lips but don't worry if you can still see through it because we're gonna be going over this with another product.
So now they key to really getting your lips Kylie-esque is to use a matte lipstick. My favorite matte lip product is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream so I went on over to the store to check if they had a shade that would go with the lipliner and luckily they did! I got the shade Zurich.

Using Zurich, I went over my entire lip and waited for it to dry matte. I find that one layer isn't enough to get a really opaque finish so I went over my lips with another layer especially in the overlined parts.
But we're not done just yet! For that perfect pout, clean the edges of your lips with a small concealer brush loaded with your favorite concealer.

And once your blend the concealer out, you're all done!
I know it may seem kinda scary to try out this lip look at first. Believe me, even I had my apprehensions at first, but I've learned to have a lot of fun with the look and now I love it! I just paired it with full brows, some contouring and a full set of lashes to keep it simple. I'm really happy with how it turned out and hope you guys will feel the same way. If you guys have any questions or anything beauty related, I'm just an email or tweet away!