Long Locks With TRESemmè

Mermaid long hair is one trend I definitely love this season! The last time I had my hair cut short was back in 1st year highschool, but I decided to grow it out after a year. Ever since, I’ve loved keeping my hair long. But as any girl with long hair will tell you, long hair is so much harder to maintain.  

One of my biggest issues with my long hair used to be the amount of split ends I would get. As we all know, the only solution for this problem would be to get a haircut, but all my friends and family know that I hate getting haircuts which is why I'm so happy that TRESemmè has come up with their new Split Repair Range for girls like me everywhere! For this range, TRESemmè teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos with the beautiful Georgina Wilson as their newest ambassador.

I've been a TRESemmè lover for many years now, I even remember having my mom buy me bottles of their products whenever she would go abroad. This was when TRESemmè wasn't available in the Philippines yet. Here's me sporting my long locks with the help of the TRESemmè Split Repair Range!

The range features a Split Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and as well as a Split Repair Serum. Being a brand that is trusted by professionals, TRESemmè made sure that these products have been tried and tested by the industry's top hairstylists.

I received these products a few weeks ago but only decided to write my review now since I feel like enough time has passed for me to see if they really did have any effects on the condition of my hair. My hair used to be bleached at the ends when it was Ombre-ed and I just covered it up when I dyed my hair brown. Even if that was a long time ago, I would still notice that some of the damage and split ends from the bleaching can be seen through the dye.

As expected, the TRESemmè products did not disappoint! Not only did I notice that my problem with my split ends decreased, but the overall feel of my hair became a lot softer as well. It became easier to style and braid, and I love how it prevents further damage as well.

My favorite among the 3 products is the serum. I love to just apply 2 pumps of it on my hair before I sleep so that my hair will be soft and ready for styling when I get ready the next day. I've been substituting it for my usual Moroccan Argan Oil. I also love the scent of the Split Repair Range. It's very fresh and quite fruity, perfect for the summer!

Your hair can really make or break your entire look which is why it's so important for you to care for it properly. Although I love going to parlors with my mom to get treatments and hot-oils to keep my hair healthy, I believe that these products can help you achieve that as well. Your wallet might thank you for it in the long run as well haha!

I've been really happy with the look and feel of my hair ever since I started using these products and would really recommend them to my fellow long-haired gals out there! Give it a try and let me know what you think :)

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