Kylie Jenner Lips

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Kardashian sisters’ makeup, but recently I’m sure you’ve all seen how Kylie Jenner has been stealing the spotlight with her amazing 90’s inspired makeup -- specifically with her super strong lipliner game.

So for today’s quick tutorial, I’ve decided to show you all how to achieve my own take on her famous full lips. I still wanted the look to be wearable since I find her lips a bit too much at times. It's surprisingly really simple to do and no one will even be able to tell you have a ton of lipliner on if you follow these steps.

First things first, here's a picture of Kylie Jenner's makeup for reference:

And here's a pic of me with the finished lip look:

So let's get started! I prepped my lips for this look by applying a lot of Carmex on my lips then lightly scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush. This ensures that there wont be any dry skin on your lips so that all the lip products you'll be applying will go on smoothly. Once you're done, wipe everything off your lips with tissue or a towel.
Next, you'll be needing lipliner. I know Kylie Jenner uses Whirl lipliner by MAC, but since I wasn't sure if this look would work on me, I just bought an inexpensive alternative from Etude House to try out it out first. The lipliner I got isn't close to Whirl, but closer to the picture I used as a peg instead. I ended up really loving it the first time I tried it. It's called Soft Touch Auto Lipliner and it's such a steal at only P98! Here I'm using shade #2.

With the lipliner, you want to overline over your natural lip line. But what's REALLY important to remember for when overlining your lips is to focus mostly on the center part of your lip and follow your real lip line as you go towards the outer corners. This is where most girls make a mistake and why some of them end up looking like a duck and IT'S AWFUL HAHAHA. If you end up looking a duck, please don't say I didn't warn you! Bottom line, DON'T OVERLINE YOUR WHOLE LIP. 
So below is what your overlined lips should look like more or less. As you can see, I focused the overlining in the center of my lips but I still followed the real shape of my cupid's bow. You may also overline your lower lip but again, don't go overboard! Blend in the lipliner to the rest of your lips but don't worry if you can still see through it because we're gonna be going over this with another product.
So now they key to really getting your lips Kylie-esque is to use a matte lipstick. My favorite matte lip product is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream so I went on over to the store to check if they had a shade that would go with the lipliner and luckily they did! I got the shade Zurich.

Using Zurich, I went over my entire lip and waited for it to dry matte. I find that one layer isn't enough to get a really opaque finish so I went over my lips with another layer especially in the overlined parts.
But we're not done just yet! For that perfect pout, clean the edges of your lips with a small concealer brush loaded with your favorite concealer.

And once your blend the concealer out, you're all done!
I know it may seem kinda scary to try out this lip look at first. Believe me, even I had my apprehensions at first, but I've learned to have a lot of fun with the look and now I love it! I just paired it with full brows, some contouring and a full set of lashes to keep it simple. I'm really happy with how it turned out and hope you guys will feel the same way. If you guys have any questions or anything beauty related, I'm just an email or tweet away!

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