FOTD: Jennifer Lopez

I’ve decided to make a Face of the Day post for the makeup look I wore for the Happy Skin event I attended last Thursday. There will be a post on that soon, I promise! Anyway, ever since I saw Jennifer Lopez's makeup for the Oscars last February, I knew I had to try it some time! I couldn't think of a better event to use it on than on Happy Skin's launch of their new Beauty in Bloom collection. Here are some photos of Jlo which I used for reference.

And here's the twitpic I posted when I was on the way to the event.

The product I used to achieve Jlo's goddess-like skin is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette. I am obsessed with this product! All three powders are finishing powders and they're job is to mimic perfect flattering lighting on your face so you literally look like your skin has been photoshopped in real life. I used Radiant Light (the one on the rightmost) to get the same golden warmth that Jlo had. 

For lashes, which is a major element for this look, I used a long pair which has strands that criss-cross for it to look even thicker. I get my packs of falsies from Pure Beauty in Serendra. They're around P680 for a box of 10. That's a pretty good deal since these falsies are really durable and they don't look too fake. For the eyeshadow, stick to amber and bronze tones. 

As for the lips, I used NYX Lip Liner Pencil in the shade Rose with a hint of clear gloss to make it less matte. The lips are what really made Jlo's look very sweet and romantic. Perfect for the dress she wore.
For hair, set your hair in loose waves and tie it up in a ponytail! This part is totally optional. Even I wore my hair down at first then decided to just tie it cause it got too hot. But feel free to do whatever you want with your hair since this makeup look could go with almost anything.

So there's my quick take on Jlo's Oscar's look! Let me know what you guys think. :)

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