Ursus et Cervus & Whitefield

Recently I was able to work with the amazing Kara Chung again, and this time it was for a lookbook shoot for the brands Ursus et Cervus and Whitefield. The model for the day was extra special because it happened to be my best friend Carmela! She’s definitely one of my favorite faces to work on. Second to my mom, of course haha.

So for the look, Kara wanted a bold lip that would go well with the clothes. But since the brands were all about streetwear, I kept the eye makeup really natural because I wanted something that still appeared effortless. Here’s the finished look:

I applied a thin layer of Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation on Carmela for a matte finish that doesn’t appear dry or cakey and contoured her face soflty with Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer. Then I filled her brows in using brown powder instead of pencil to make sure it wouldn't look harsh at all.

For the eye makeup, I kept it natural using a soft brown shade that would just give the slightest appearance of a deeper eye socket paired with a slightly shimmery nude shade on the center of the lid.

One of my favorite tricks is to simply apply a pair of really natural looking falsies and just tightline the eyes instead of applying eyeliner on the lids so that the eyes look defined without it being too obvious. Some people don’t even notice that the falsies are even there!

And lastly, the lippy I used was Dark Side by MAC which is a deep burgundy shade. 

Do try to check out Ursus et Cervus and Whitefield! And thank you Kara for the photos! :)

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