Holiday Glam Tutorial

I never thought it would be so hard to film a tutorial since everyone knows I speak fluently in makeup lol. Let's just say my OC tendencies got the best of me and I ended up taking much more time to finish this tutorial than I thought I would. But finally after weeks of searching for the perfect lighting, editing, and attempting to make my voice sound more professional (HUHUHU), it's ready!
This makeup has always been my go-to night out look and I realized that it would also be perfect for any Christmas or New Year party as well. Dark berry/burgundy lips are the trend this season, but since I used mostly neutral tones for the eyeshadow, then you may feel free to change up the lip color to something more nude, pink, or basically almost anything! You can even go for the almost black lip ala Rihanna if you want. Click here or on the video below if you wanna watch it on Youtube! :)

Like I said in the video, you can pair the look with any hair you prefer. I always like to go for waves whenever it's a special occasion.

And I know a lot of you hate it when your eyes look small, but don't worry cause even if the eye makeup was made to lengthen the appearance of your eyes, I notice that my eyes still always look very awake in photos.

Hope you all enjoy the tutorial! 

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