Dewy Skin With Laneige

Dewy skin is definitely one of my favorite makeup trends for 2014. I’ve never been a fan of any makeup base that offers a matte finish because I personally think makeup looks best when the person’s skin still looks like real skin even if you’ve put 937382 different products on it . I don’t know, I just find it kinda old school and creepy when the person you’re talking to looks like a porcelain doll HAHA.

Thankfully, the Koreans came up with the Laneige BB Cushion which is now my holy grail of all BB creams. This product is 5-in-1 because it protects with SPF 50+, covers, hydrates, soothes and brightens. But the best part is that it gives me the best dewy finish without feeling heavy, sticky or greasy. Also, it’s sweat proof! Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe me, it has passed the ultimate test: a whole day in the oven called Ateneo.

What sets it apart from your typical BB cream (wherein you fail at getting the perfect pea-sized amount out of the tube 99% of the time lol) is that it comes in a unique cushion form which will enable you to get just the right amount of product every time. Thank God for the brilliant soul who came up with this cushion idea because if you’re like me, then you understand the struggle of trying to squeeze out every single drop of BB cream from a tube. It aint fun.

Here's what the Laneige BB Cushion Looks like.

The packaging is a little thicker than most powder compacts because inside is the special sponge and separate air-tight compartment for the air cushion that has all the BB cream in it. Take note that it comes with a free refill. YAAAAY.

The first thing I do before applying any makeup is to prep my skin. Since I was going for a dewy look, I decided to use my new favorite Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Crystal-Transparency Lotion all over my skin because it was specially designed to give skin a youthful radiance. I also already had my eye makeup and eyebrows ready before working on my base so that you guys could see the whole look come together.

Once my skin is prepped, I then take the special polyurethane sponge and lightly pat it on the air cushion that holds all of the BB cream. The sponge is super soft and you can be sure that it will pick up just the perfect amount of product every time.

I then start patting the loaded sponge all over my face. It makes application look even and flawless. No other brush can give you same results. And another great thing about this BB cream is that you can build it on if you prefer more coverage but you never have to worry about it looking cakey or feeling thick.

This is what my skin looked like after the application. I was really happy with the coverage even if I just used one thin layer of the product. It was already enough to cover my dark circles, blemishes, and redness around my nose.

If you're happy with how your skin looks then you can stop here, but personally I like to add highlighter just to make the skin glow even more. 

Here I'm using Benefit's High Beam which is a liquid highlighter because liquid on liquid works better than going for a powder highlighter on a liquid base. I just put 3 small dots on the high points of my cheekbones and blended this out with my ring finger all the way up to my brow bone. You can also apply a small amount on the bridge of your nose and cupid's bow -- basically any part of your face that would naturally catch light.

Lastly, I just finished the whole look with a sheer pink lipstick. 

So that's it for my take on the dewy look! It was really so easy thanks to the amazing people over there at Laneige. The price of the BB Cushion is pretty reasonable at P1,995 considering that it comes with a free refill pack. Each pack should last you 3-6 months depending on how often you use it. But personally, I've never found a need to retouch throughout the day so I feel like you'd really be getting your value for money with this one. I would really recommend this product for anyone looking for a fuss-free and naturally radiant look everyday. :)

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