Hadabisei All in One Face Mask

You all know about my love affair with anything that has to do with skincare, so I’m excited to be sharing one of my new favorite sheet mask brands with all of you! When I got this pack of the Hadabisei All in One Face Mask, I was honestly so overwhelmed cause it’s not everyday you find a PACK OF 42 FACE MASKS HAHAHA! But that's exactly what I love about it now, cause I don't have to be panicking that i'll run out! It has now earned a special spot in my bedside table so that I always remember that I could just pop one on after I've cleansed my face. I spend most of my time on my bed anyway so I always see it there haha! Here's what the pack looks like:
 What's great about it is that it's resealable too, so you don't have to worry about it drying out! I find it super convenient to just grab one anytime.  
I also love how moisturizing these masks are on the skin. My skin type is oily, but I still use these masks once or twice a week. It doesn't turn me greasy or anything, it just makes my skin very plump, soft, and supple. I'm sure it would work even better for dry skin types as well. It's loaded with collagen and about 30 kinds of beauty essences which leaves my skin in great condition. Aside from this mask, Hadabisei also carries other variations such as anti-aging or tightening masks. I haven't tried them out yet but I'll be sure to review them once I have!

No joke, I look like this practically half of the time I'm home. Complete with messy bun and my favorite robe HAHAHA.
I really believe that great makeup starts with a great base, which is why I always strongly recommend incorporating sheet masks into your skincare regimen. This mask has been perfect for giving my skin a nice boost of nourishment whenever I know I'm gonna be wearing a lot of foundation. Together with a light exfoliation, gets rid of any dry patches of skin that makeup may cling on to. It's the little things like that which can really be a deal breaker for your makeup routine.
If you wanna get yourself this epic pack of sheet masks, head on over to any Beauty Bar! They carry the All in One mask together with Hadabisei's other variations of sheet masks. This entire pack of 42 costs around Php900 which is such a steal! Happy face masking, beauties!

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