Could dairy be affecting your skin?

We all get those unexplainable breakouts every once in a while. Just last month, I noticed that my skin wasn’t in its usual shape. I could tell that a breakout was forming around my forehead area, and my whole face in general was a bit more blotchy and red than usual. I knew it couldn't have been my skin care products since I had been using them for months already, and I wasn't using any new makeup products that could be the cause either.

Long story short, upon realizing that I was drinking a lot more Iced Lattes and Mochas for the past few weeks cause of school, I was finally able to link the issues on my skin with an unexpected culprit -- dairy. I've heard about the negative effects of dairy on the skin before, but being the cheese and dessert loving person that I am, I chose to ignore them HAHA. I wouldn't say my dairy intake is too high on a regular basis, but like I said, I was really drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee beverages that had milk in them for a few weeks. So I decided to take action, and once I started lessening my dairy intake for around 3 weeks, I noticed my skin going back to normal. Coincidence? I think not!

So now I just wanna share with you guys a few of the most important things I've learned about the effects of dairy on the skin to save you guys the trouble of reading through tons of articles with highly scientific terms and more importantly, to possibly save your skin! I got all my info from different medical websites, and of course, beauty blogs with testimonials from real women all over the world.

For starters, did you guys know that 75% of the entire population of the world cannot properly digest milk and other dairy products? THAT'S HUGE. Basically, our human stomachs weren't made to digest milk from cows which is why I've heard and read lots of testimonials from people saying that aside from getting better skin, they have also stopped getting stomach pains when they removed dairy from their diets.

Dairy is also one of the most inflammatory food out there because loads of skin problems can be linked to the inflammatory properties from different animal proteins. Not only skin problems, but dairy is linked to different kinds of cancers as well. Isn't that so scary?

And lastly, the growth hormones that the cows intake also make their way to the dairy products that we consume. When we consume dairy products, not only do these hormones contribute to inflammation, but they also lead to skin breakdown, aging, and acne for some. Aging and acne? *puts cheese down* *cries*

I'm not saying we should all quit dairy, but maybe the lesson here is that we can sometimes forget that our skin actually tells us a lot about what's going on not just on the surface, but inside our bodies as well. So if you think that dairy could be affecting your skin, I suggest eliminating it to see if your skin is actually sensitive to it. And who knows, perhaps you'll feel better on the inside as well! Some people notice a huge difference after just a few weeks! But of course, everyone is different. I'm not an expert here, just sharing from my own personal experience! I do hope that I was able to help at least 1 of you beauties out there! :)


  1. Interesting! Ive been having too much cheese these days, which is maybe why im breaking out these days.

    Thanks for this, love!

    Hershey Neri

    1. HUHU omg I hope it's not cause of the cheese!! I can't imagine giving that up! Thanks for taking the time to read. Love and miss you! :)