Pack With Me: London Trip!

For this video, I decided to do something a little different from my usual makeup tutorials, reviews, and favorites posts. Since a lot of you guys like to interact with me through Snapchat, I figured I would make this video just as casual as my snaps wahaha. Like I said in the video, I really want my relationship with my readers to get closer and I want you all to see me as your friend that can sometimes double as a walking makeup encyclopedia haha! And if you haven't added me yet, my Snapchat username is Legenczari!

With that being said, this video is just gonna be a short run down of all the products I brought with me to my trip to London last November! I thought I could limit the amount of products I brought with me, but since I had a different makeup peg in mind for every day I was there, I ended up packing a lot more than planned. Oh well! Typical Czari behavior haha!

It's the first part of 3 videos I plan to make about my trip. The second one will be a vlog post about my whole trip, and the third one will be a haul video! Hope you guys stay tuned for those since I'm super excited about them! I'm also sorry this took so long to post cause I had to catch up with a ton of school work and exams when I got back.

Here's the video! Hope you guys enjoy and hope you guys could like and subscribe to my channel!

I would also love to hear your freed back on the video on my! That's all for now! Luckily I'm on Christmas break now so expect a ton of late posts huhuhehe :)

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