Loreal True Match Review and More!

Hi guys! Here’s a short review on a couple of Loreal’s products that are pretty new in the market. I’m also sharing some of the photos from the event they held for the launch of these products a couple of weeks ago! It was held in Farmacy at the Fort so of course I couldn’t say no to makeup AND ice cream!

So here are the products I'll be reviewing! For the event, we were given a box without any products yet, and each person had to visit the different stations they set up in order to pick out our perfect shades! Each box contains one Brow Artist Genius Kit, Brow Artist Designer Pro Pen, True Match Liquid Foundation, True Match Crayon Corrector, and their True Match Blur Cream!
Starting out with the True Match Blur Cream, this product was formulated to act kind of like photoshop in a tube for flawless looking skin by smoothing out your skin and even minimizing the appearance of pores. It also doubles as a makeup primer and controls oil so that your makeup can stay fresh longer.
I had no products on my skin before trying this product, I just did my eye makeup and lips! It's texture reminds me of a lighter version of Benefit's Porefessional, but it does have an orangey tint to it that isn't noticeable once your spread it on your skin.
The product goes on evenly and doesn't leave a cast over your skin like some primers. It was able to instantly smoothen my skin, but I think it doesn't minimize pores as good as other primers I've tried. Although for the price, it would work as great primer for someone who doesn't really think their pores are a problem. True Match Blur Cream costs Php 400.
Moving on to the True Match Liquid Foundation, this has always been one of my favorite affordable foundations so I was pleased to hear that Loreal made it even better now! During the event, Loreal had their own BUS just for foundation. It was heaven for me haha!
Inside the bus were the new and improved bottles of True Match in a wide variety of shades ranging from yellow tones to even some on the pinker side. You're sure to find your perfect shade!
Loreal's Senior Makeup Artist and beauty expert was also there to extend her help so you can find your true match of...True Match. She was a little challenged with my skin tone cause a couple of shades blended perfectly with me! In the end, we both decided on G4 Gold Beige.
To apply the True Match Liquid Foundation, I used a damp Beauty Blender. I did notice a major difference with the new True Match: it now has some shimmering particles in it. This would be great for photo shoots, but personally, I'm not a fan of foundations that shimmer. Although it doesn't shimmer too much, I still would prefer if it didn't have the shimmering particles just because it can look a little too fake in person. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I like skin to look like SKIN and unless you're a vampire from the Twilight saga, real skin shouldn't sparkle!
But if this isn't an issue for you, then I'm pleased to tell you that the foundation is still great! I found out that it now has 5 special micro-pigments that were formulated to specifically match the skin tones of Asians. I would say that the coverage is medium and is pretty buildable if you want more full coverage, but one layer was more than enough to cover my redness and even out my skin tone. It is also SPF16++ for protection, and I found that it doesn't have flashback even if it has SPF.
For Php 600, this foundation is great if you can get past the slight shimmer it has. I was really pleased with how my skin looked and it felt very light as well. If your skin is on the dry side though, I would recommend applying moisturizer beforehand just to be sure it wont cling on to any dry patches.
Next, we have the True Match Super Blendable Crayon Corrector. Like it says in the photo below, "big to small, conceal them all!" This crayon corrector comes in 6 shades and is Php 500.
Here's a closer look! The tip of the crayon was made for more precise spot concealing, while you can use the sides for larger areas.
I applied some of the concealer on my under eye area first and I didn't expect the consistency to be as creamy as it was. It glided on smoothly which is ideal for an under eye concealer so that you don't end up tugging on your delicate eye area too much.
Then I blended it out with my Micro Mini Beauty Blender since this sponge can make any concealer blend like a dream. The coverage was able to cover my dark circles out super well. Unfortunately, I did notice some caking after 2 hours, even if I set the concealer with powder. :( That's why I use this concealer more for spot concealing blemishes on the rest of my face now instead of as an undereye concealer. It does the job almost like my favorite Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage due to its thick consistency and coverage.
So I would recommend this product for those looking for a concealer for things like acne scars and other blemishes, but not really as an undereye concealer because it did cake up on me.

Lastly, we have some brow products from Loreal!
Starting off with the Brow Artist Designer Pro Pen which is a 3-in-1 brow pen for shaping and shading in your brows. Below is a picture of the two ends of the pen, we have a thin pencil on one end, and a spoolie brush on the other.
Then, if you twist the center, you will find the brow powder applicator for shading in your brows. This was the most unique and interesting part of the pencil!
As I always do, I started by brushing my brows to keep them neat, then I used the thin pencil end to lay out the general shape that I want for my brows. I always start with the lower line to add instant definition and so that I know what arch to follow. I really liked the way this pencil drew on my brows. It looked very natural and soft, especially if you blend it out with the spoolie brush. The shade also complemented my brown hair.
Then I grabbed the Brow Artist Genius Kit, which contains a brow powder, as well as a setting wax to keep you hairs in place, and as well as an angled brush and spoolie brush for applying.
Taking the wax first, I just applied this to the tail of my brows so I could have a crisp and darker tail. Then I set it lightly with the powder. I wasn't too fond of the brush that came with the kit mainly because I couldn't hold it properly with my long nails HAHA, but it did get the job done! Surprisingly, it was easy to draw thin strokes with the brush!
And to finish off the brows, I reached for the Brow Artist pen again, this time using the powder to shade in my brows. The powder was great and even made my brows look more voluminous, but my only comment would be that you should apply it with a light hand because your brows could end up looking too thick if you go overboard with this powder.
The kit costs Php400 while the pen costs Php500.
And here's my finished look! Skin and brows care of Loreal! Overall, I'm really happy with how everything turned out, especially my brows!
Hope you girls find this short review useful and just let me know if you guys have any more questions!

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