Baking Tutorial

HORAAAY FOR A NEW VIDEO TUTORIAL! The baking method has been taking over the makeup and more importantly, the selfie world by storm! Fun fact: this method actually originated from our gorgeous drag queen sizzies out there. Thank God for them! All it took was for me to try it once and I was instantly sold since I got to experience how it was such a game-changer for my makeup. Because I love it so much, I just had to share how I do it on myself with all of you!

Before you watch my tutorial, I just want to explain that this is how I choose to bake my makeup and it can be totally different from how other people do it. For example, Heidi Hamoud, one of my favorite Youtube beauty gurus, wets her beauty blender when she applies the translucent setting powder. Some people on the other hand, apply 2 different kinds of concealers, one that's full coverage and a more sheer one over it. It's all a matter of preference!

So here's my tutorial! Sorry there isn't any background music! Some of you guys told me you couldn't watch my videos on your mobile devices and I found out it's cause of my music's copyright issues. I just played it safe and chose to not put any. :D

If you're like me and you find that your concealer tends to crease and you sometimes end up getting "panda eyes", then baking is perfect for you! Like I said in my video, it may not be for everyday use, but it's great for photoshoots, special events, and maybe just for days wherein you're feeling a little fancier than usual hehe.
The only downside to baking is that it may emphasize any dry skin or lines you may have around your eyes. This is why it's important to moisturize that area first and use primers if you need to. You could always try to adjust your technique to suit your needs better. Play with different concealers and powders to see which will give you the best results.  

 I guarantee that your makeup wont cake or move all day/night! Even our humid weather is no match for the baking method. Let me know what you guys think! I'm always here to listen at my :)

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