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Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been so busy with makeup bookings lately that I haven’t found the time to make you any tutorials. Huhuhu I really apologize for that, but I plan on making one ASAP don’t ya worry!

Anyway, before the portfolio entries start piling up, let me share with you a few photos from my work for the Young Star shoot for their YS Prom! This was such a dream shoot for me because the peg for the shoot was a glossy lid, which was something I've never done before. Not to mention that my models were Melissa Gatchalian and Kimi Juan.

These amazing film photos were taken by Ralph Mendoza!

Since the peg was a glossy lid, I thought that it would be matched perfectly with a couple of strobing techniques I like to do. For those of you who don't know what strobing is, it's basically the use of illuminating products instead of contouring products to cheat your way to a better looking facial structure.

As you can see, Kimi's skin is glowing so beautifully! To achieve this, I used a combination of Shu Uemura's Glow Creator, Benefit's High Beam, and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Incandescent Light. I applied these products on their cheekbones, temples, brow bones, tips of their noses, and chins.
Ideally, contouring products shouldn't be used when you're strobing but I just used a little matte powder a few shades darker than Melissa and Kimi since I'm a sucker for perfect cheekbones hehe.
For the glossy lids on the other hand, I did my research on some methods to achieve it and I found that lipgloss or petroleum jelly works perfectly! I used one slightly shimmery taupe shade on their eye lids and gently applied a layer of lipgloss on their lids. I was terrified that it would turn out messy, but thankfully I loved the way it looked!
 The rest of the makeup was kept super simple. I barely used eyeliner, just lightly tightlined and applied a natural pair of falsies on Kimi. For Melissa, I opted for a thicker pair so that her eyes would stand out more. I then filled their brows with my favorite Shu Uemura Hard 9 pencil for a super natural finish.
 And to finish, I used a semi-matte shade of pinkish nude lippies on the two ladies.
That's all for now! Don't hesitate to ask me anything on my ask.fm account! :)

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