Underrated Glam

I finally found the time to post this long overdue video I’ve been meaning to share with all of you! It also happens to be my best friend Carmela’s birthday today so I figured it was perfect timing to do so. Carmela and I always critique all kinds of makeup looks we see so over the years, we kind of developed our own preference when it comes to makeup. It usually consists of the same things: natural looking foundation, fuller looking brows, eyeshadow that’s never over the top, and beautiful lashes.

Don't get me wrong, we love glamorous makeup looks, but we also hate the idea of painting on a "new" face with the use of makeup to achieve it. We believe that makeup can be simple, clean, and not over the top yet still look undeniably glamorous. Hence, we came up with this Underrated Glam look! Underrated because it consists of colors, techniques, and other factors which make it quite different from the usual glamorous makeup pegs that first comes to mind. A makeup look that is glam doesn't always have to have a ton of eyeliner, a red lip, or glitter. Remember, you can always make your own makeup rules. You may find my tutorial on our take on a glamorous makeup look below.

This is the finished look I did on the gorgeous Carmelly! Like I said, glamorous doesn't have to equate to too much makeup.
Here you can see that I kept it simple with her eye makeup. I blended like crazy to achieve an eye that was still soft even if I used dark shimmery golds and browns.
And purple can be glam too! Sometimes it's good to give your red lippies a break from time to time.
AND OH YEAH, DON'T MISS OUT ON OUR BLOOPERS IN THE END! This video could have been filmed in a lot less time but Carmela just couldn't stop laughing plus I was getting so conscious filming around my friends HAHAHA.
No one can make me laugh harder than this woman. A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ILYSM!!
And that's all for now guys! Do greet Carmela a Happy Birthday if you can! I'm sure it would mean a lot to her. :)