Closeup Giveaway

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Closeup Ambassador this year and some of you have been asking me how you could possibly win tickets to the most exciting summer party of the year Closeup Forever Summer! Well I have some good news for you because I’ll be choosing 20 GOLD and 1 VIP Closeup Forever Summer Ticket Winners!

Here are the mechanics: (They're super simple, I promise!)
Tweet me your best #LegenczariBeauty inspired selfie with the makeup look you'll be wearing for #CloseupForeverSummer with a short explanation as to why fresh breath is a must on May 16! Remember to mention me, @legenczari, and use the 2 hashtags #LegenczariBeauty and #CloseupForeverSummer! Plus points for those who take looks and tips from hehe.

I'll be choosing a total of 21 winners, 20 GOLD, while the best #LegenczariBeauty Selfie wins 1 VIP ticket! You guys have up until Thursday, May 14 7pm to send in your entries and I'll be announcing the winners on the same night at 9pm. Goodluck! :)

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