The Comeback

        The last blog entry I ever posted was in November 2012. If you followed, then you might remember me as an awkward 16-year-old fashion blogger-slash-beauty junkie. If you don't, then thank God. I was all over the place with my posts. Originally, Legenczari was a fashion blog, but later on I decided to add a few makeup tutorials here and there with everything I learned from my summer-long internship for Shu Uemura. But before I knew it, I was posting fewer entries on my outfits and more makeup tutorials. I have always enjoyed putting on makeup, but it was then that I truly realized that it would always be closer to my heart.

         At some point, I had to think about in which direction I wanted to take my blog. It felt like it would be such a waste to stop the outfit posts altogether, but I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go on with my overly girly looks or if I wanted to start unleashing my inner BadGalCzaRiri (spoiler alert: I did. Lol.) And more importantly, deep inside I knew that makeup tutorials were really what I loved doing more.

        I wasn't terrible at making them, but I had my doubts on whether or not they were good enough. Up to now I cringe whenever I look back on those Selena Gomez makeup tutorials I used to be sooo proud of. My eye shadow game wasn't so strong back then and OMG don't even get me started on my pre-Browhaused brows. To cut the story short, all the confusion and doubt made me lose the drive to post anything at all.

          Even if I thought my beauty blogger dreams were over, luckily my love affair with makeup didn't end there. During my 2-year hiatus, I was just as eager to learn. So I promised myself to improve through books, seminars, and of course, countless YouTube videos. I then took it to the next level by volunteering to do makeup for my friends and family -- which ended up being great practice for me. 

          Eventually, I gained a lot of confidence in my skills. I wasn't so scared to blend out eye shadow or apply false lashes or even draw the ever so time-consuming, perfect 45-degree winged eyeliner anymore. I started taking on real clients and began to expand my makeup collection. Once I entered college, more opportunities came for me to be able to make a name for myself as a makeup artist. And hence, #legenczaribeauty was born! Yaaay!

        Then a few months ago, I had this crazy thought that maybe that once awkward 17-year-old beauty junkie can actually become a self-proclaimed beauty guru just like I had always hoped for. It took up a lot of my time as well as a lot of help from my family and friends, but here we are now 2 years later, and I could not be more excited to launch the new and improved, complete with tutorials, reviews, and more!

         My only hope for this blog is that it may get girls to appreciate makeup the way that I do. It shouldn't be worn as a mast to make people think you're someone you're not. For me, makeup should help you learn to love everything you were born with instead of hate all the things you were born without. And just because someone loves makeup, it doesn't necessarily mean she's insecure and doesn't feel beautiful without it.

        So ladies, I hope you wear makeup to express yourself, to have some fun and be creative by turning your face into your own work of art. But most of all, I hope you all wear makeup for yourself, because it makes YOU happy, not for anyone else. And that's exactly what I'll be here for: to make sure that any girl can feel, well, legendary.


  1. Congratulations on your comeback! Can't wait to see Legenczari unfold! Following you on bloglovin. Hugs from Australia. Love, Kat xx

  2. This so great, I'm a fan <3 So excited Czar!!!!!

  3. Hi, Czari. I'm glad you're back!! Everyone liked my look during the graduation photo shoot. Thanks to your makeup prowess. :)

  4. Hi, Czari. I'm glad you're back!! Everyone liked my look during the graduation photo shoot. Thanks to your makeup prowess. :)