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Here are a few photos from a shoot I did for the very talented Kara Chung. I was lucky enough to be able to do the makeup of Sam Rodriguez!

Here's her before shot. As you can see, Sam already has such a pretty face even with nothing on.

So for the makeup, I had to keep in mind that Kara was going to take some black and white shots as well. This made me decide to do a sultry look for Sam's eyes that would still be able to stand out even in the black and white shots. I also focused on contouring but I used a liquid contouring method instead of my usual powder contouring to keep it super subtle. And lastly for the lips, I just went for a wine-stained look using MAC's Red Dwarf for a lip that's still pretty bold but not as intense as a full-on red lip. Here's the finished product:

And I super love how the other shots turned out!

Thank you Kara for the photos! 

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