Langsre Product Review: So far so good!

Recently I have been fortunate enough to try out some new beauty products from Korea from the brand Langsre. Since the trend for Koreans is to incorporate more than 10 different products into their skin care regimens, of course I had to take some precautions in adding these products into my routine since I didn't want my skin to react badly if I just immediately switched up all the products I apply to my face. So I decided to just first start out and review Langsre's spray on sunscreen, BB Cushion, and their Lemon Berry Natural Oil to Foam. Stay tuned for the rest of my review of their products when I see the effect they have on my skin in a few weeks. But I will tell you guys, so far, I'm really loving this line!  
Starting out with the spray on sunscreen, I can honestly say that it has made applying sunscreen daily so quick and convenient. It's been my favorite product from the line so far. The sunblock has a very sheer formula and is white in color, but it doesn't leave a noticeable white cast unlike most sunblocks available in the market. A little goes a long way with this so be careful! I only use about 2 to 3 sprays for my entire face and I'm also really impressed with the actual spray bottle because it really mists the product on evenly. Note that this product can even be worn over makeup, but I prefer to wear it over my skincare and under my makeup because it feels really hydrating on the skin, which is perfect for applying makeup.

The Moist UV BB Cushion on the other hand, really lives up to its name and provides the most dewey finish I've experienced from a BB Cushion. I highly recommend this product for those with really dry skin, but it may require a lot of priming for those who are oily. I have combination skin and the product sat on my skin really nicely in the areas that I'm not too oily like my cheeks, but I did find that it got a little greasy in my t-zone. After using a mattifying primer the second time around, I found that it sat better on my entire face and I just needed to blot after a few hours around my t-zone. This product has full coverage which is great if you feel like you have a lot of blemishes, but of course you could simply pat on less of the product if you want lighter coverage. What's nice is that not only will it provide your SPF needs since it's SPF 50, but it also has whitening and anti-wrinkling properties.
Below is a photo I took while wearing only the BB Cushion on my skin. I really loved how it made my skin look so dewey and healthy so I didn't even bother to contour anymore! It's my go-to product whenever I'm feeling like doing simple and fresh makeup for the day. It does a nice job of eliminating my redness and making my skin look effortlessly good!
At the end of the day, I've been trying out their Lemon Berry Natural Oil to Foam cleanser to remove my makeup and it's been doing such a great job that it's even been replacing my micellar waters. I wasn't hesitant to use this product because it's made of 99.9% natural ingredients and is super gentle on the skin. Sometimes I even use it in the morning just as a mild cleanser, especially if I feel like I haven't properly removed my makeup the night before. Let's just say that this product has been keeping my skin good even after 3 consecutive wine nights in a row HEHE.

The best part is that all of these products are available in the Lazada website! I'll be sure to review more of the products from the line so stay tuned for that if you're interested in learning more about them. You guys can purchase the products here.

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