Valentine's Day Tutorial

It’s finally my favorite time of the year! I always put a lot of thought into what look I’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day. The makeup can never be too much so that you don't scare guys off LOL, but of course I still tried my best to make it very pretty and romantic every year. I also love how it’s the most appropriate time of the year to bring out all the pinks, purples, and mauve shades.

So below is the tutorial I came up with for this Valentine's Day! Hopefully it will make you feel absolutely gorgeous whether you've got a big date or you're flying solo this year. I rarely get to use the shades I used for my eyes since I usually stick to neutral shades, but it was so much fun experimenting and coming up with such a girly look.

Hope you all enjoy this tutorial! For those of you who wanna do something similar, I'm sure you guys will nail this look since it's a lot simpler than some of the other looks I've done.
If you guys have any questions, you may reach me through!

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