Dream Satin Skin

 If you follow me on ask.fm, you’ll know that I’m extra picky when it comes to foundation. I don’t usually opt for drugstore brands because I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with some brands I’ve tried in the past. That's why Maybelline's new Dream Satin Skin line had some pretty big shoes to fill but in the end, I was definitely more than happy with how it made my skin look! I've found a new favorite and I can't wait to share a few of my thoughts on it and some tips for applying it as well.

Below is the Dream Satin Skin liquid foundation and the stippling brush it conveniently came with. This foundation promised to achieve a perfect satin airbrush finish with a ultra-lightweight, non-oily, and non-pore clogging formula. Let's get started! I had already done a simple eye look, my brows, and applied some lipstick prior to applying the foundation.
  Here's my bare skin. As you can see, I have some blemishes, redness, and unevenness especially by my forehead area.
So start by taking the stippling brush and about a pump and a half of the liquid foundation. I found that this was more than enough for my entire face and neck.
 Start by lightly stippling the product all over your face. Once you've got a good amount of product all over, start blending the foundation in circular motions. Don't forget to blend into your hairline as well! I remember back in my makeup internship, I was assigned to do the foundation of one of the models and I wasn't able to blend the foundation into the hairline properly and it totally showed in the photos! I didn't get into that much trouble, but it did make me learn the hard way to blend extra well around that area!
 Also, apply some product on your neck especially if you're like me whose face is whiter than the rest of my body haha! That's what I get for being such a beach bum. Blend blend blend!
 Once I was done with most of my face, I had a hard time getting good coverage by my under eye area cause the stippling brush was a little too fluffy. But not to worry, I just switched to a concealer brush to apply the foundation in that area and I was really pleased with how the foundation's coverage was good enough to cover my dark circles without the need for concealer anymore. Yay!
The people over at Maybelline recommend using their Dream Satin Skin Two-Way Cake Powder to set the foundation for a perfect finish! This powder has One Film technology which makes it five times thinner than the usual powders available in the market. I'm not a big powder person, but this one really felt so light and breathable. It made my skin super smooth and covered my blemishes even when I used it alone.

When it comes to powders though, I prefer using a brush instead of a sponge for application. I just think it looks more natural and skin-like with the help of a fluffy powder brush. I didn't use too much of the powder to set the foundation, just a light dusting all over. I avoided swirling the brush against my skin too much as to not move around the foundation. Gentle pats will do.
 And here's the finished look! In person, you can hardly tell I'm actually wearing foundation and powder. The finish was just perfect! It wasn't too matte or too dewy. My only concern was that I got oily after just 2 hours, but it wasn't anything oil film couldn't fix! It's not the most heavy duty foundation for girls like me with oily skin, but it did give me the appearance of healthy, even, and glowing skin. It's coverage is quite build-able for a product with such a lightweight formula.
 Here's a closer shot.
I really recommend you guys try out this new line from Maybelline! The liquid foundation costs only Php 499 and comes in 7 shades while the two-way cakes powder costs Php 399 and comes in 5 shades. Who knows, maybe it could be your new holy grail foundation? As for me, I'm really glad I gave this line a shot! Let me know what you think! :)

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