Ariana by Jonas Tamayo

My friend Ariana recently asked me to do her makeup for her campaign’s promotional stuff and I really loved how the shots turned out! For this shoot, I just wanted Ariana to look like a more polished version of herself so I kept it clean and simple with the makeup. These photos were taken by talented friend Jonas Tamayo (check out his Instagram @joshtamy). Thank you Jonas for the photos!

Ariana requested that I make her look “friendly” lol so I avoided strong lip colors and just mixed up an Orchid shade of lipstick with a wine one.
 Even if the peg was clean and simple, I just had to put emphasis on her amazing cheekbones since I'm a sucker for nice bone structure. Just look at those cheeks!
To achieve defined eyes without having to go overboard with the eyeshadow, just opt for a good pair of falsies and tightline your upper lash line. And adding a little highlighter on the high points of the face for a glowing finish is never a bad idea.

 Thank you for the trust Ariana! And for anyone else out there who wants to see what it's like to be a #legenczaribeauty, please don't hesitate to email me :)

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